First look at Zoe's cria
Posted On: 10|22|14
Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Dave & I came home from work to a new cria, but for a moment I wondered to whom it belonged.  However, it didn't take long for Zoe to demonstrate her protective instincts!  We weren't quite ready for this since we had Zoe's due date as November 6, so we had some alpaca moving to do.  Once everyone was settled, the new cria weighed in at 11 pounds.  She is small...
Posted On: 10|03|14
Now is the time to check your evergreen trees and shrubs for bagworms.  If you have a bad enough infestation, they can damage or destroy your tree, so it is important to remove them before this happens. Bagworm eggs spend the winter in structures that look a bit like pine cones.  Here is a picture of one.  Removing them from your tree in the fall or winter is an effective means to control them. ...
Samantha & Sparky
Posted On: 09|16|14
All three cria are growing and running and keeping us entertained! Firecracker was not producing enough milk for Sparky, so we have been supplementing with bottle feeding.  This is our first experience with bottle feeding and it is not easy.  Sparky has schemed with Maverik to get even more milk.  Maverik will be nursing from his mama, Nadia, and when he takes a break, Sparky will take his turn...
Posted On: 09|16|14
I'm really late in posting this, but on July 21, Nadia gave birth to Maverik.  He is a beautiful male cria and he loves playing with the others!
Posted On: 07|11|14
We came home for lunch yesterday to find a cria born to Firecracker.  It's a boy, weighing 18 lbs.  This is Firecracker's first cria.