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Posted on: 09|21|21

Join us on Saturday, September 25th from 10:00am - 4:00pm or Sunday, September 26th from 1:00pm - 5:00pm for National Alpaca Farm Days.  Enjoy the alpacas, take a ride through the tree field, tag your Christmas tree, have some popcorn, shop the alpaca farm store, and just have an amazing time at the farm!  We are looking forward to seeing you!

Posted on: 09|04|18

Come enjoy some time with the alpacas.  Learn more about them and shop the array of products that are made with the luxurious alpaca fiber.  Walk the Christmas tree fields or stroll around the pond.  This year we are adding homemade ice cream, in addtion to the popcorm we usually offer.  We'll be open Saturday, September 29th from 10:00am until 4:00pm and Sunday, September 30th from 1:00pm...

christmas tree lot
Posted on: 11|27|17

We have had a great start to the 2017 Christmas Tree Season.  Thank you to everyone who has come out so far this year!  However, we have the majority of the holiday season to go.  Make plans to join us to get your Christmas tree or to pick up a stocking stuffer in our alpaca store.  We want to make your Christmas special!

Posted on: 09|26|17

Come see us on Saturday, September 30th or Sunday, October 1st!  Learn about these incredible animals.  Visit the store and feel the luxurious fiber.  Take a walk through the tree fields.  Enjoy a beautiful day and have some free popcorn, too.  The farm will be open on Saturday from 10:00am until 4:00pm and Sunday from 1:00pm until 5:00pm.  We hope to see you!

Peyton's cria 10-12-16
Posted on: 10|12|16

Peyton had a cria this morning, Wednesday, October 12, 2016.  I went home for lunch and found Peyton and the baby doing well.  It's a girl weighing 14.87 lbs.  We are so excited...she almost arrived on Samantha's birthday, which is tomorrow!

Posted on: 09|19|15

Another cria was born yesterday, September 18th.  We were out of the state so my mom and dad called to tell us about it.  They weren't sure to whom it belonged but it wasn't long until it was drinking from it's mama, Peyton.  It's another boy weighing 13 1/2 lbs.  My cousin, Sherry, and her daughter, Samantha, were doing chores for us and they took care of everything.  When we got home Peyton...

Firecracker & cria 09-07-15
Posted on: 09|08|15

The first cria in 2015 was born on Labor Day!  Yesterday, September 7th, Firecracker had a boy.  We were away for the day and did not find out until 5:30 that evening.  The cria was walking around and nursing, so everything seemed fine.  He weighed in at 16 lbs. 7 oz.  Firecracker and the cria are doing well.

Getting ready for shearing
Posted on: 06|02|15

Wednesday, May 27th was the big day!  Shearingalpaca.com came around 10:00am and got to work.  Dave & I worked at bagging the fiber and by noon, the team was pulling out and we were finishing up the clean up.  The alpacas seemed refreshed as they ran around the pasture.

Posted on: 07|11|14

We came home for lunch yesterday to find a cria born to Firecracker.  It's a boy, weighing 18 lbs.  This is Firecracker's first cria.