An Addition to our Herd

On Monday, June 30, 2014, a cria was born!

We had been expecting Nadia to give birth and had separated her in preparation.  I checked the herd that morning around 7:15 and everything was fine.  However, around 10:00 I received a call at work from someone who had come to work on our house.  He said a baby alpaca was running around outside of the barn and pasture.  He said he would keep an eye on things until Dave could get home.  When Dave arrived, he found a newborn cria outside of the pens.  He took it into the pen and quickly realized it was not Nadia's but Peyton's cria!  Peyton is a great mom and immediately began caring for the newborn.  A little later, she was nursing her baby.  Now, two days later, momma and cria are doing great!